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MULTIPLE Reasons for DELAY in Registration of Projects under RERA Ambit…

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MOST OF THE BUILDERS have missed the deadline for registration of the project by 31st JULY 2017??>>??


RERA is the new norm of doing business – from conceptualizing to delivering a project. “Anything misleading a customer by the staff of the developer can lead to a lot of problems for the developer at a later stage. Since there is no precedence, the organization and staff need to be sensitized on how important their role is in the RERA-compliance journey.”




  1. Builders could find the registration process too lengthy and tedious. Also time was too short for “uploading all the project details by July 31”. Above all if you did some mistake, you need to start all over again. Also Lack of Tech Knowledge is also creating ripples. Missing the registration will lead to heavy penalty. Finally I personally feel that “May be registration is leaving no loop holes for manipulation, thus builders may be not happy with the process”.


  1. Better coordination among more than 8 different government agencies, which are required to give much needed approvals for the the start of project. Lot of times the project get delayed due to unprecedented delays from government agencies.


  1. Multiple Projects and Confusion of ongoing and incomplete projects. On the issue of marketing and selling ongoing projects, the clarity is still needed regarding the marketing and advertising of the ongoing projects.

If the Centre extends the deadline and state governments make their portals more user-friendly, this will help developers register all their projects.


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